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Red Lips by Starwarsloverchick Red Lips :iconstarwarsloverchick:Starwarsloverchick 3 0
The Broken Princess
I write of a time when things were dark,
Hearts were hard and souls were empty,
No one knew what was wrong,
People tried to heal the pain of the broken princess,
With gifts of admiration and adoration,
But that isn't what she wanted,
All the litle princess craved was love,
the real kind of love
:iconstarwarsloverchick:Starwarsloverchick 0 0
This is Hanna by Starwarsloverchick This is Hanna :iconstarwarsloverchick:Starwarsloverchick 1 2 Sexy face by Starwarsloverchick Sexy face :iconstarwarsloverchick:Starwarsloverchick 0 10 My friends by Starwarsloverchick My friends :iconstarwarsloverchick:Starwarsloverchick 1 0 Flower part 2 by Starwarsloverchick Flower part 2 :iconstarwarsloverchick:Starwarsloverchick 2 0 Flower Day 1 by Starwarsloverchick Flower Day 1 :iconstarwarsloverchick:Starwarsloverchick 1 0 Demons by Starwarsloverchick Demons :iconstarwarsloverchick:Starwarsloverchick 0 0
The Survivor
"Hmm..." He mumbled, trying to determine whether or not the grapefruit in his hand was good or not. He shrugged throwing it and a few others into the cart with his five year old daughter.
"Daddy, I don't think that's how you check if grapefruits are good. Mommy never did that." Victoria said to her father, her large brown eyes staring up at him with innocence. Her father, Mathius, flinched when she spoke of her mother. The ache in his chest was hard to ignore, but he managed it, plastering a fake smile on his face, and giving her a curious look.
"Oh really? Well then you show me how she did it." Mathius said, a challenge clearly stated in his voice. A devilish grin spread across her face as she picked up the grapefruit inspecting it with a furrowed brow. She bit her lip, and the small mannerism reminded him so much of her mother. Victoria shrugged, and placed it back down.
"It's good." She stated matter of factly, nose in the air and looking around with disinterest.
"Oh, okay, we'll te
:iconstarwarsloverchick:Starwarsloverchick 0 7
Soul Angel Profile: Pandora WIP
General Information
First name: Pandora -Samantha-
Middle name(s): -Mae-
Surname: Reaper -Livingston-
Nickname: Little One -Sammy-
Age: 14
Date of birth: July 24th 2001
Race: 25% Angel 25% Soul Collector 50% Human
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Current residence: Cemetarium
Relationship status: Single
Social status: Very Popular
Traits of Voice
Accent: None.
Language spoken: English
Other languages known: Latin, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian and Chinese.
Style of speaking: Slightly high pitched, childish voice
Volume of voice: Varies. Mostly loud.
Physical Appearance
Height: 5"4
Weight: 119 pounds
Eye colour: Green
Skin colour: Fair
Shape of face: Heart
Distinguishing features:
Build of body: Petite
Hair colour: Black -Blonde-
Hair style: long wavy bob
Complexion: clear
Posture: straight
Tattoos: none
Piercings: ears
Typical clothing: girly clothes; short skirts, frills, lace, pink. Anything girly
Is seen by others as: Brightly dressed, pretty.
:iconstarwarsloverchick:Starwarsloverchick 0 0
I love this hat! by Starwarsloverchick I love this hat! :iconstarwarsloverchick:Starwarsloverchick 1 0
Mature content
Walking in a Drug filled wonderland!! :iconstarwarsloverchick:Starwarsloverchick 0 2
Losing Control
There's a beast inside of me,
A glutton waiting to be released,
It takes a lot of self control,
to not eat and eat and eat.
I can't help the way I feel,
My heart's not made of steel,
Food is only an escape
Holding me like a death deal
I don't want to let myself go,
But I can feel myself grow,
The monster inside will never rest
Until it's free to eat and pest
My stomach takes control,
I don't know why I do,
but I continue to eat through,
despite my heart's wishes,
my mind has made it's decision
:iconstarwarsloverchick:Starwarsloverchick 1 11
Mature content
CleverBot.. :iconstarwarsloverchick:Starwarsloverchick 0 7
Awkward Face by Starwarsloverchick Awkward Face :iconstarwarsloverchick:Starwarsloverchick 0 0 Aren't I prettifuls? by Starwarsloverchick Aren't I prettifuls? :iconstarwarsloverchick:Starwarsloverchick 3 1

Random Favourites

Tokyo Girl by Hochan Tokyo Girl :iconhochan:Hochan 11 2
Take that.
There was this boy, he swindled me in with his eyes,
he had me wrapped up inside his all to convincing disguise,
There was this boy, he thought I was a toy,
to be used and played with, but no,
He spun me around, pulled me back and fourth,
until that day, it was all I could endure,
I kept my cool, put on my poker face,
concocted a plan, one filled with disgrace,
I waited for the right time, to set it into play,
I waited for months, and then came that day,
He asked me to meet him, by the old tree,
Where we first kissed, the plan went like this,
I put on my sexiest dress, climbed up in the tree,
I took out my cell phone and texted can you find me,
I stood strong and proud in the big oak,
He said he had a surprise for me, maybe under his cloak,
He walked up to the tree, and looked all around,
I said ill give you a clue, Im not on the ground,
Excitement was immanent, no stopping it now,
I jumped to the earth, all he said was wow,
With my poker face on, and a gleam in my eye,
I looked at him
:iconauroraintheend:AuroraInTheEnd 2 0
Mature content
Fallen :iconfairiedustaids:FairieDustaids 1 11
.:The Beautiful Sun:. by BlackStar-Chick .:The Beautiful Sun:. :iconblackstar-chick:BlackStar-Chick 7 51 Sleeping Under the Flower Tree by JadenFLAWLESSx Sleeping Under the Flower Tree :iconjadenflawlessx:JadenFLAWLESSx 57 8
Consequences Chapter 1 Mpreg
Even as a child, I was taught to hide my emotions and never become too attached to things. While some people may find our ways cruel and unusual, it is only natural for my kind to act in such a way. We do this for our own protection. As soon as puberty hits, there is a fifteen year period in which feeling great emotions towards someone else can lead to unfortunate results. There is a reason why we have our children so young…
Raising our young is a difficult process. To limit emotional attachment, we are not permitted to raise our own children. The moment they are born, a couple steps up to take them away. You don't even get to hear them cry. This, like our deadened feelings, is also for a good cause. Handfuls of my species adopt multiple offspring, while those who are too irresponsible cannot corrupt young minds. In a sense, everybody wins.
When I told Ten about our ways, she was horrified. I suppose, to a human like her, never being allowed to feel emotion is a nightmarish though
:iconredkitsunechan:RedKitsuneChan 30 6
Fishnet by BlackAnomie Fishnet :iconblackanomie:BlackAnomie 10 3
Tangled Part 6
                                                                   The Betrayer
Castle Dungeons

I began to pace across my cell's floors once more, anticipation welling up inside of me. Today was the day. It. The day I either became a free man, ro the one when I got myself in even more trouble. I laced my fingers together, then unlaced them, not sure of what I should do with them. There was also anxiety in me, for this could also be the day that I rescued my dear Rapunzel. Hook Hand would tell me nothing of the plan. For all I knew, they'd be blowing the whole thing up to smitherens.
Suddenly, I heard a sharp knock coming from the front door of the du
:icone97852:e97852 6 5
Tangled Part 5
Dark Times For Both of Us
The Castle dungeons

I was pacing across the stone for of my cell, wondering where Hook Hand was. Our meetings were pretty regular nowadays, same time, and obviously same place. I wasn't going anywhere. I ran a hand through my short, brown hair and exhaled. Where were they? At that moment, I saw a small, ceramic unicorn being placed on my window. About time! The unicorn was our little signal. I jogged over to the window and got onto my tiptoes, my eyes barely reaching over the ledge. I saw a beefy Hook Hand polishing his hook with a greasy cloth. Alongside of him were Vladimir, with the other unicorn, Gunther, and Attila, with the metal mask over his face. Ah, my favorite pub thugs from the Snuggly Duckling. Hook Hand momentarily caught sight of me and stuffed his cloth into his belt. "Hey Eugene." I winced, I liked it only when Rapunzel said it. "Hey fellas, but please, call me Rider. Anyways, what took you so long?" Hook Hand only shrugged, "Ah, just a
:icone97852:e97852 7 5
How Sad Would This Be? by rathenal How Sad Would This Be? :iconrathenal:rathenal 267 85 TANGLED - Rapunzel + Flynn 01 by davidkawena TANGLED - Rapunzel + Flynn 01 :icondavidkawena:davidkawena 6,670 340 TANGLED - Rapunzel - 01 by davidkawena TANGLED - Rapunzel - 01 :icondavidkawena:davidkawena 5,365 221 tangled girl by enigmawing tangled girl :iconenigmawing:enigmawing 2,449 114 Tangled by LethargicWhales Tangled :iconlethargicwhales:LethargicWhales 751 61 aaand more tangled by pireh aaand more tangled :iconpireh:pireh 6,109 438 Tangled - Rapunzel by ChristyTortland Tangled - Rapunzel :iconchristytortland:ChristyTortland 3,058 222



Starwarsloverchick's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello all! I'm Anna Lucille! I'm curious has to how you found yourself on my DA, so if you would leave a comment as to how you got here, I'd appreciate it!

Anyways, I'm sixteen years old. I was born in New York but raised in Oklahoma, which is where I'm at now. I love playing video games and making up random ideas for my video game characters. My favorite game is Skyrim. If you'd like to talk to me, send me a note or ask for my Xbox gamertag. I'll be happy to talk to all of you! :)
  • Listening to: A Little Piece of Heaven
  • Reading: Deadland's Harvest
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Drinking: Water
Okay, yeah, I made a new DA!

This one is going to be deleted. 

My new DA ---> And yeah so adios amigos ;3

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